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Fire these immigration bureaucrats NOW


This is so incredibly stupid and such a waste of resources that every person involved in this case needs to be fired on the spot. This is exactly the sort of thing that government is NOT supposed to do. There's not even any point to the 13 year long process being invoked by these mindless bureaucrats.

Given the huge backlog of more pressing immigration cases the fact that this adoption is being questioned and consuming department resources after 13 years is just unfathomable. Is there some pill bureaucrats take to make them this effete and idiotic?

Teen fears disputed adoption could lead to deportation

Allie Mulvihill may seem like your typical American teenager, but she has something weighing on her mind that most 15-year-olds do not: deportation.

mulvihills.jpgAllie may be forced to leave the country because U.S. immigration officials are questioning the legitimacy of the Guatemala native's adoption by her parents, Lori and Scott Mulvihill, in 1994.

When the Mulvihills brought their then 2-year-old daughter to their home in Allentown, Pennsylvania, they believed she would be granted citizenship.

But U.S. immigration officials questioned whether the woman who gave Allie up for adoption in Guatemala was really her biological mother. Allie's birth certificate was issued 10 months after she was born, which raised suspicions in U.S. officials' minds that she was made available for adoption due to a baby trafficking scheme.

The Mulvihills, however, say that it is not uncommon for birth certificates to be issued for children months after they are born in Guatemala, especially for children born to poor families, because families must pay for the certificates.

The Mulvihills also say U.S. embassy officials in Guatemala interviewed the woman claiming to be her biological mother at the time of the adoption and did not raise any concerns. The embassy officials, however, did not conduct a blood test of the woman that would have definitely proven that the woman had given birth to Allie.

The Guatemalan government also never challenged the adoption, the Mulvihills said.

But U.S. immigration officials still aren't satisfied, and the dispute over her adoption has become a roadblock on Allie's path to citizenship. Neither Allie nor her parents have a way to track down her biological mother and the adoption agency used by the Mulvihills used to adopt their daughter has gone under.

The fact that she can not get her immigration status resolved means the fear of deportation continues to loom.


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