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Oliver Stone is making a movie called "W" about you know who which is supposed to be released sometime in October 2008, or about a month before the general election. I'm hoping the portrait its not too sympathetic. The last thing we need before the election is an exculpatory take on the most monstrous president in US history.

brolinstone.jpg"He won a huge amount of people to his side after making a huge amount of blunders and really lying to people," the director said. What further fascinates Stone is Bush's religious and personal conversion: a hard-drinking C student who was able to become not only Texas governor but also the leader of the Free World.

"We are trying to walk in the footsteps of W and try to feel like he does, to try to get inside his head. But it's never meant to demean him," Stone said.

Stone has also said of the movie during an LA Times interview, "[It] isn't an overly serious movie, but it is a serious subject. It's a Shakespearean story. . . . I see it as the strange unfolding of American democracy as I have lived it."

OK. I think it would be interesting to watch Stone's fictionalized evolution of a man who went from being an alcoholic and cocaine snorting wealthy bum to world class tyrant. But the whole idea of making me sympathetic to Bush's "daddy problems" as a source of why millions of Americans and Iraqis are either dead or physically maimed and a constitutional democracy has been nearly ruined, is just not going to cut it.

I not only want the man out of office, I want him off the out of our lives and off the planet.


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