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Cast Out the Big Fat Liars


Meet the Chicago School of Economics alumni. I wonder how many of them are actually fat? They're all liars, that's for sure. Their economic ruse of sanctifying markets completely controlled by and for the wealthy with the word "free" has brought us to near economic ruin over the last four decades. If there is any hope of actually living in a world of relative peace, justice and plenty, there are three major groups of "priests" within our societies that we must find a way to be rid of; the "snake-bite-evangelists", the "white-washing-chicken-hawks" and the "idolaters-of-greed". The ones we need to focus on immediately are those who are members of all three groups. They represent about 1/10 of 1% (.001) of the population and we need to eliminate their hold on society anyway we can.

Dog Eat Dog
On prime time crime the victim begs
Money is the road to justice
and power walks it on crooked legs
Prime Time Crime
Holy hope in the hands of
Snakebite evangelists and racketeers
and big wig financiers

Where the wealth's displayed
Thieves and sycophants parade
And where it's made
the slaves will be taken
Some are treated well
In these games of buy and sell
And some like poor beasts
Are burdened down to breaking

- joni mitchell

The U.S. Economy Is Socialism for the Rich

by Michael Leon Guerrero, Movement Vision Lab

Free market capitalism in the United States is by no means "free." It's time we recognize this and move past the destructive neoliberal agenda.

In the United States, far-Right Republicans and Democratic liberals alike have sold many people on the notion that the market should be the main force to drive the economy and define social relationships. They maintain that government should stay off people's backs and out of our wallets. They promote rugged individualism and consumerism couched in terms like "personal responsibility," "freedom" and "independence." "Greed is good!" was the mantra of Michael Douglas' character, Gordon Gecko, in the 1980s movie "Wall Street," and those became the words to live by in the '80s and '90s. The philosophy and value of greed was taken to heart by many a corporate CEO, and, over the past three decades, this twisted logic -- underlined by the values of individualism and the culture of consumerism -- has turned back the clock on human development with devastating consequences.

The Chicago Boys' Disaster

Naomi Klein's landmark work The Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism summarizes the last 30 years of the neoliberal (aka neoconservative) project. These policies have had a stranglehold on the global economy for decades. But Klein argues persuasively that it is primarily in moments of societal or natural upheaval that capitalist extremists, trained by gurus like Milton Friedman at the University of Chicago, have been most able to impose their political and economic agenda. Even if a natural disaster didn't present itself, Friedman's disciples, like Kissinger, Nixon, Reagan, Bush and Clinton, had no problem wreaking their own violent havoc on vulnerable countries.

By now, the mantra of the "Chicago Boys" has become all too familiar: Eliminate regulations, cut taxes, slash public spending, privatize public services, etc. Their policies dominated the global political landscape, unraveling the gains of centuries of social movements, while a new global elite has been enriched beyond imagination. A handful of people have become super-wealthy, and megacorporations have become even bigger and more powerful.

Commercial Interruption:


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