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Better than all 5 feet

I've been following this story for some weeks now and its just too damn freaky. I know the area well and picturing these feet washing up on shore there gives me the willies.

Two of five feet found at shore are from same man, DNA shows

Two of five feet that have washed up on the shores of British Columbia are from the same person, but authorities said Tuesday they are a long way from solving the mystery of where they came from.

 The British Columbia Coroners Service said Thursday that DNA tests indicate a right foot found on February 8 and a left foot found on June 16 were from the same male. The office also determined that a right foot found on May 22 belongs to a female.

But authorities still don't know whom they belong to or how they have come to wash up on shores near Vancouver, British Columbia, in the past 12 months.

Royal Canadian Mounted Police spokeswoman Constable Annie Linteau said forensic examinations suggested the feet were not severed or "mechanically removed" from the bodies.

"The evidence shows that the feet were separated from their bodies by a natural process of decomposition," Linteau said in a press conference Thursday.

Investigators have eliminated 130 people from a list of 243 missing persons, while authorities continue to examine multiple possibilities for the origin of the feet, including foul play and the chance they belonged to victims of a plane crash.

Yeah right...a plane crash that removed everyone's feet.


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