There Goes Pirates Bay

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65 terabytes of files! Wow.

Giant server seized in raid on file-sharing site

STOCKHOLM - Police have made a major crackdown on illegal file-sharing by seizing a giant computer server during an apartment raid in a Stockholm suburb, an official said Saturday.

Henrik Ponten, a spokesman at the Swedish Anti-Piracy Bureau, said the server contained about 65 terabytes of files, corresponding to around 16,000 full-length movies.

"The size of the works are gigantic," he said, noting it was one of the biggest pirate server confiscations ever in Sweden.

Police raided the apartment in Brandbergen, in southern Stockholm, in the beginning of February after the anti-piracy bureau filed a report about it, he said.

Ponten said one suspect had been questioned by police, but was released shortly afterward since the confiscation was the main objective of the raid.

"Basically he admitted he was in charge of it (the server)," he said.

According to Ponten the server is part of an international pirate network called "The Scene," providing users of Internet file-sharing sites such as Sweden's The Pirate Bay with extensive access to copyright protected material.

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