Love does not require a rationale

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Re: The same sex brouhaha

From a local forum:

I wonder why open display sexual orientation is sought out to the degree it is. Homosexuality is after all a choice to have relations with one's own sex. The defining characteristic is sexual/sex. It is ALL about their inclination to the same sex. I DO NOT CARE. Why are gays so special? Keep it to yourself as far as I'm concerned.
The Right Stuff:
They want to be defined by their sexual choices, even though those choices are not inalienable and not protected rights under the US Constitution.

In other words, they want 'special' rights for their choices.


Wrong - the primary and defining characteristic of same sex relationships is who you love not who you screw. The sex is important but secondary to that love. And that love and the loving relationship it engenders require no permission from the constitution nor any other source.

Whether or not the opinions of some who assert such relationships are a matter of choice is completely irrelevant to the reality of the relationship and should have zero bearing on the issue. Love does not require a rationale.

All that is required from other people and the government is recognition that there exists a committed relationship deserving the same respect and legal rights and responsibilities as any other involving consenting adults.

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