Transgender Teen Sues McDonald s

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Good. I hope she receives a big bundle of cash. At least McDonalds had the sense to fire the bastard that insulted and refused to hire her.

Manager Fired After Transgender Discrimination Claim

An Orlando McDonald's has fired a manager after he was accused of refusing to hire a teen because she was transgendered.

Not only did McDonald's refuse to hire her, but a manager left her a scathing voice mail about the company's reasons for denying her application -- an unfortunate move for McDonald's, since administrative agencies in Florida have ruled that trans people are protected by the Florida Human Rights Act, according to TLDEF.

Not only was the voice mail message inappropriate, but the manager used a derogatory, anti-gay term in his message to Bellamy. Trans people are frequently confused with gay and lesbian people, although trans people can be any sexual orientation. But the use of anti-gay language is one of the hallmarks of anti-trans bias.

Listen to this voice mail from **youtube ** and think about whether or not it is one that you would want to receive as a job applicant.

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