Religious Lies to Stop Abortion

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These groups of religious people need some serious jail time.

Taxpayer Dollars So Fake Clinics Can Lie and Push Religion

by Alex DiBranco

When Crisis Pregnancy Centers get their hands on millions in federal and state dollars, they're not supposed to use that money to lie to women and promote religion. In practice, however, that's exactly what they do.

The video, from RH Reality Check and the Feminist Majority Foundation, looks at the lying lies of CPCs, including footage from inside one center where a counselor falsely tells a young women that an abortion will harm her long-term health and pressures her to turn to God. While these "fake clinics" go to great lengths to pass themselves off as legitimate medical institutions, setting up shop next to real doctor's offices, in fact most of their staff do not have medical training.

One college student points out in the video the alarming tactic of telling a woman she's not pregnant, when she is, endangers the health of the fetus -- until a woman realizes she's been duped, she might engage in risky behaviors, such as drinking and smoking. The CPC wants to make it impossible for her to have an abortion within the legal time frame, but they don't even know that she would choose an abortion; if she's keeping the pregnancy, she wants to know the truth so as to protect the fetus' health.

Despite a Congressional report that found 87% of CPCs give out false or misleading information, they continue to get government money with little oversight. That's why we need to pressure Congress to pass truth-in-advertising legislation -- requiring these Centers to own up to what services they actually provide and to stop lying to women -- and to strip funds from "fake clinics" that exist to proselytize and manipulate women, while not providing any actual reproductive health support.


Great post cul.
I looked at how the WHO linked breast cancer to abortion and the study methodology was very poor indeed. I'm surprised they ever released it.

I find it so sad that those who tend to fight the hardest against abortion are typically the same folks who complain about paying taxes to support their fellow citizens. Major disconnect.

Haven't visited my blog buddies in ages and thought I would check in. Hope you are doing well.

Hey there,

Indeed a long time. Good to see you are still out and about. Are you still blogging? If so hit me up at I'm isolated here in central FL surrounded by an appalling level of religiosity and frightening degrees of Americana and political vapidity.

Hi cul,
Nope, not blogging. I had gone to my blog to look up some data I thought I had posted (but didn't) and thought I would bop in on my blog buddy list.

I love the St Pete's area of Florida for vacationing, but I don't think I could live in Florida. Friends of ours moved from Seattle to the Orlando area about 5 years ago. They miss the food here first, but also the variety of people. I would say they are just right of center and they find it too far right at times heh. I met some of their neighbors and it made me miss my heathen friends back here heh. But, it's good that there are those like you to balance it out! Otherwise the voting outcomes could be worse. =P

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