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Every once and a while you find a great comment out there in the wild. Here's today's:


Poor Tea Baggers. Jumping from one messiah to the next, after Queen Sarah took all your hopes (and a few million dollars worth of donations), then decided to stick to her lucrative "concert tour" career and avoid any chance of taking a real job, with real responsibilities . You know, like Governor of Alaska , or VP/President of the USA.

Then Michelle Bachmann comes along, Palin V.2 , and gets your Depends all moist , but when she opened her mouth and nothing but stupidity came out , you all jumped that bandwagon and started crowing about.....(drumroll) Rick Perry !

Everybody in Tea Bag land is drinking an extra Ensure , then trying to get their golf cart to do a burn out that spells "R I C K" , until HE opens his mouth and lets his stupid out , (see a pattern here?) and it becomes clear to even the staunchest TeaBagger that America isn't ready for another blithering idiot Texas Governor in the White House, just yet. Another sure-bet, super-messiah fails to lead y'all out of the promised land...those donations you sent his way would have been put to much better use on the Early-Bird Senior Menu at Denny's , and probably result in a much bigger and more reliable "movement" , grass roots or otherwise.

But hold on to your Metamucil , here comes Herman Cain ! The next installment in the twisted comedy that is the GOP field in 2012 . He is basically running on the premise that he is not Mitt Romney . His crackpot ideas about tax reform and economic recovery resemble the sophomoric meanderings of, well....a high school sophomore. This explains why he is has gained some traction with the Tea Party types.

As sure as your walking shoes are fastened with Velcro, Mitt Romney will be the GOP's offering in 2012 . The Tea Party dollars and votes will have to be drawn in by whomever ends up on the VP ticket with Mr. Vanilla . Sound familiar ? Oh, yeah....because that's what they did in 2008 , with Sarah Palin.

I think Cain has a good shot at being chosen to run as Romney's VP , because a woman or minority on the ticket is worth more than a couple of independent votes , when the showdown with Obama comes. Throw in some Tea Party quackishness to rope in the crackpots (which is about 40% of the current GOP base) , and Cain looks like even more of a shoe-in at VP.

Any chance Romney has of beating Obama is stomped out by all the Ron Paul write-ins, and Barry wins his second term without breaking a can bet your Buick Century on it .

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