Smacking Racists

Bluebird Sisteran

I don't always punch people in the face, but when I do, it's a racist.
Stay vigilant my friends.

White Nationalist Richard Spencer Gets Punched in the Face During Trump Inauguration Protest

Richard Spencer, the self-proclaimed white nationalist and leader of the "alt-right" (a phrase he coined) movement, was punched in the face at a Trump inauguration protest Friday after denying that he was a Nazi.

Spencer was speaking in front of a group of people who were asking him questions such as, "Are you a neo-Nazi?" to which he responded no. He was then asked if he liked black people, and he said, "Why not? Sure."

"Would you marry a black woman?" the person asked. Spencer did not answer that question.

Spencer then told the group that neo-Nazis and members of the Ku Klux Klan actually hate him, and it is at that point that a man walked up from the crowd and punched Spencer in the face.

Fuck him...I'd smack him too.


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