This Turkey is Not Grade A


Putting Trump's job rating into historical perspective

Not only is Trump's 40% job rating the worst for a new president in the history of the NBC/WSJ poll; it's the worst rating -- period -- for a newly elected president approaching his first 100 days since the 1950s.

Eisenhower: 73% (April 1953)
Kennedy: 78% (April 1961)
Nixon: 61% (April 1969)
Carter: 63% (April 1977)
Reagan: 67% (April 1981)
Bush 41: 58% (April 1989)
Clinton: 52% (April 1993)
Bush 43: 57% (April 2001)
Obama: 61% (April 2009)
Trump: 40% (April 2017)


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